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Wrapper Belt factory - clou0218 - 18.02.2020

steel coil wrapper belt
steel coil wrapper belt has the characteristics of oil resistance cut-resistant, wear resistance, anti-cracking, no delamination, no elongation etc. In application the PU rubber will contact roller, which increases the fric- tion force of the belt, and it will not swing around and skid: The work surface will not cause some phenomenon during coiling such as: not tight or tight at one end and oose at the other end etc. The service life and work efficiency are greatly increased
steel coil wrapper belt are mainly used in cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled aluminum plates etc.
Model: XZ-R2U2UV
Applicable for hot rolled aluminum plate
Work face material: NOVO(Black)
Roller surface material: TPU (white)
Middle layer material: white strong polyester impregnated fiber
1% elongation strength: 50N
Ultimate tensile strength: 580N
Temperature resistance: -20-210C°
Minimum wheel diameter: 100mm-120mm
Hardness: Working face 65 shore A
Roller surface 85 shore A
Surface and plate friction coefficient: 0.6
Belt thickness: 6.0-12.0mm
Brand Name:xuanze, XUANZE
Name: steel coil wrapper belt
Type:Flat Belt
Material:NOVO TPU
Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
application:cold rolled steel plate
FunctionConfusedteel & Iron industry
Advantage: durable
Wrapper Belt factory