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Dyeing Jacquard Bamboo Bath Towel - clou0218 - 18.02.2020

Our History
Jining Lucan Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 2017, It is a production and sale together, It is an Export-orisnted company. The products are mainly towels, bath towels, etc. mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, USA and other countries.

Our Factory
We have 20 jacqurad looms in our factory, and there are 50 shaft looms in our cooperative Factory, there are 300 workers, we can produce 600 tons every year.

Our Product
Towel, bathtowel, beach towel, round beach towel, hang towel, towelling coverlet, bath robe, hotel towel etc.

Product Application
Home, hotel, travel etc.

Production Equipment
Jacquard loom ordinary loom.

Production Market
Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe, Usa etc.

Our service
Export packing, shipment from qingdao port.Dyeing Jacquard Bamboo Bath Towel