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  samsung pcb board
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:43 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

About Ussamsung pcb board


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  cast iron flange butterfly valve manufacturers
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:39 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

1.Our History
Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd has been an industrial valve manufacturer for more than two decades,we developed us from a small trading company into a professional industrial valve manufacturer in Zhejiang & Tianjin Province and situated our export sales office in shanghai city of china.
We produce one series ductile iron gate valve only at the initial stage of our factory,over several years development,we start to explore new valve technology and organize excellent technical team and sales team and finally becomes the brand manufacturer of gate valve,ball valve, butterfly valve,4 piston pneumatic actuator etc,We successively designed 12 patented valve product and we have solved the traditional valve performance’s shortcoming, meanwhile we improve the situation of relying heavily on import for special working condition valves. Shanghai hugo valve co is now a international valve enterprise which covers scientific researching, designing, developing, manufacturing and sales.
2. Our Factory
Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd situated at science and technology park of Minhang disctrict and it’s factory situated at anfeng industrial zone of zhejiang province and covers 35000 square meters.
Continuous innovation and continuously exceed, adopted developed technology from local and abroad based on the general valve types and applyed the 3D simulation modeling design system, optimized designing scheme. We can custom-design by adopting varies material and improve the reliability and practicability of the products.
We have the hornour to achieve brand image because of advanced production facility, modemization manufacturing equipment is the fundamental guarantee of product quality which provide us with a strong production capacity, we have introduced the world leading horizontal vertical machining center, CNC lathe, large horizontal boring machine, large vertical lather hundreds of sets of processing equipment and automatic plasma welding and gas shielded welding, supersonic paiting decice, nondestructive detective testing, germany spectrometer, three coordinate measuring instrument, ultrasonicthickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle detector, metallographic analyzer, leeb hardness tester, universal impact test, tensile test, fire resistance test and the advanced pressure test platform and dozens of inspection equipment.
3.Our Product
Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd products include the following :
1, gate valves which include cast steel gate valve, stainless steel or alloy steel gate valve, ductile iron gate  
 valve for waste water,potable water or marine, bronze or brass gate valve, electric actuated gate valve,
 pneumatic actuated gate valve etc.
2, ball valve which include cast iron ball valve, cast steel floating ball valve, cast steel trunnion mounted ball
 valve, stainless steel floating or trunnion mounted ball valve, alloy steel ball valve, brass ball valve,
 bronze ball valve, pneumatic actuated ball valve, electric actuated ball valve, fully lined PTFE ball valve,
 three way ball valve etc
3, butterfly valve which include ductile iron butterfly valve, wafer/lug butterfly valve, fully lined butterfly valve,
 carbon steel butterfly valve, stainless steel butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, triple eccentric
 butterfly valve, electric operated butterfly valve, pneumatic actuated butterfly valve, bronze butterfly valve
4, globe valve which include iron globe valve, bellow sealed globe valve, carbon steel globe valve,stainless
 steel globe valve, bronze globe valve, pressure sealed globe valve etc.
5, check valve which include ductile iron swing check valve, silence check valve, ball type check valve,
 carbon steel piston check valve, carbon steel swing check valve, stainless steel check valve, double disc
 wafer check valve, single disc wafer check valve, bronze check valve etc
6, high torque 4X4 4 piston pneumatic actuator, compact 4 pPiston quarter turn rack & pinion actuator
7, strainer which include Y type strainer, T type strainer and basket type strainer
4.Product Application
Creating value for customers is Hugo valve’s business philosophy. Our valves were widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, medicine, metallurgy, aerospace, papermaking etc.. Hugo valve’s industry valves have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions, Approved by the Iran National Petroleum Chemical Factory, RAG company, Jordan Phosphate Mines Co, Mumbai water conservancy projects, Lukoil Perm etc. Our quick after sale service won the majority of the praise and trust from customers at home and abroad.
5.Our Certificate
Hugo Valve company have the standardization of enterprise ERP management system, remote monitoring system, which can provide customers the whole process control and factory production at any time and adopted the world's leading precision casting and forging technology
Products from the material to the finished product, full use of international advanced management mode, to realize the specialization, automation, standardization of procedures and production process.
At present Hugo Valve Company obtained special equipment manufacturing license of the people's Republic of China “TS” A1 certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, API6D, API607, CE etc, we have become the qualified supplier of Sinopec, CNOOC, CNPC.
6.Production Market
We sales industry valves locally and abroad, Our main abroad market are middle east, russia, south east asia in the field of water treatment, oil, natural gas,power plant etc. We are now the qualified supplier of russia lukoil perm and Jordan Phosphate Mines Co etc.
7.Our service
Hugo Valve company will provide techncial support to choose suitable valves for customer before order and technical & technical drawing confirmation when order is confirmed.
Valves will be produced with qualified technology and material during processing, will meet the requirements of quality,size and performance specified in the bidding documents,contract and technical specification.
Quality guaratee period : 12 month -- start from the date that the butterfly valves were preliminary accepted by customer and customer signed the acceptance certificate or 18 month--start from the last batch of valves’s delivery.
We will responsible for any deficiency or malfunction caused by design flaw, process defect or material impefection, we will bare all the charges caused by product replace, maintainence and prolong the quality guarantee period at the same time for the replaced and repaired spare parts, if the guarantee period expired, we will make lifetime repair for the offered butterfly valves, we will charge the apare parts cost and travel accordingly according to situation.
Service on site is available if the valve’s installation is complicated, during the period of facility installation, debugging and quality guarantee, we will dispatch professional technician to provide reliable technical service on site.cast iron flange butterfly valve manufacturers

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  log debarker
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:37 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

Weihai Hanvy Plywood Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
Hanvy is a machinery company serving the wood products industry worldwide, located in beautiful coastal city Weihai China.
We have accumulated over 30 years experience, and have successfully made a strong impact in the international markets. We are providing a wide range of all plywood Machinery to clients, from a single machine to turn-key for wood processors in the plywood industry.
Our entire range comprises machines like Log Debarker, Veneer Lathe Peeling Machine, Veneer Dryer, Glue Spreader, Plywood cold press, Hot Press Machine, Plywood D.D Saw , Log Home Machinery, and Log / Timber Saws and Moulders.
Making use of latest technology and resources, we are hailed as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in this industry. Whenever you purchase our machine, there is always our commitment to provide the best quality, service and technical support with excellent performance to meet your satisfaction.log debarker

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  cheap Environmental Protection Field Filter Press
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:35 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

1.Advantages  and disadvantages compared to other competitive methods
Many debates have been discussed about whether or not filter presses are sufficient to compete with modern equipment currently as well as in the future, since  filter presses were among one of the oldest machine-driven dewatering devices. Efficiency improvements are possible in many applications where modern filter presses have the best characteristics for the job, however, despite the fact that many mechanical improvements have been made, filter presses still remain to operate on the same concept as when first invented. A lack of progress in efficiency improvement as well as a lack of research on conquering associated issues surrounding filter presses have suggested a possibility of performance inadequacy. At the same time, many other types of filter could do the same or better job as press filters. In certain cases, it is crucial to compare characteristics and performances.
II.High-solids  slurries: continuous pressure operation
Filter presses are commonly used to dewater high-solids slurries in metal processing plants, one of the press filter technology that could deliver the job is the Rotary Pressure Filter method, which provides continuous production in a single unit, where filtration is directed via pressure. However, in cases where solids concentration in high-solids slurries is too high (50%+), it is better to handle these slurries using vacuum filtration, such as a continuous Indexing  Vacuum Belt Filter, since high concentration of solids in slurries will increase pressure and if pressure is too high, the equipment might be damaged and/or less efficient operation.
III.Interpretation of Model Type
1.Filter press type: X: Chamber filter press
2.Maximum filtration pressure: 10:1.0 Mpa    
3.Filtrate discharge type: A: close discharge
4.Plate shifting type: Z: automated
5.Filter plate type: G: membrane
6.Auxiliary function: E:Automatic viration
7.Drip collection device type: F: auto drip collection drip tray  
8.Auxiliary function: Q: auto cleaning filter cloth
9.Auxiliary function: D:filter cake transportation system
10.Filtration area: Unit: 40㎡
11.Filter plate dimensions: Length*width: 800X800  unit: mm
12.Filter plate materials: U for reinforced PP
13.Cake washing type: K: cake washable
IV.Technical Part
Item   Name X10AZGEFQD40/800-UK
1Filter area(M2)40
2Filter pressureMPa)≤ 0.6
3Squeezing pressure(MPa)≤ 1.0
4Filter temperature (℃)-10~90
5Total chamber volume (m3)0.626
6Qty of filter/membrane plate (pc)19/20+1 head+1 tail
7External size of filter /membrane plate (mm)800*800*60/65(mm)
8Designed depth of chamber(mm)30
9Type of filter plateChamber membrane
10Material of filter plate FRPP+PP elastomer type
11Nominal diameter of cylinder(mm)DN200
12Material of cylinder sleeve27 silicon-manganese alloy seamless steel pipe
13Material of piston rodQuenched and tempered 45# steel with chrome
14The max effective stroke of the cylinder(mm)800
15Material of pressing plateWelded Q235 constructional steel
16Material of thrust plate and supportingWelded Q235 constructional steel
17Material of cylinder block and supportingWelded Q235 constructional steel
18Material of main frameSolid steel of Q345
19Nominal diameter of feeding hole(mm)DN65
20Max hydraulic protection pressure  (Mpa)29
21Max hydraulic pressing pressure  (Mpa)25
22The length of main frame (mm)4700
23Dimensions (L*W*H)  (mm)6060*1945*4390
24Total Weight (Kg)7000
V.Functional description                                               
NameTechnical description
Main frameFunction: to bear filter plate and provide pressing pressure and guarantee sealing and filtration performance under the pressure of 1.0MPa
Makeup: pressing plate(Welded Q235 constructional steel), thrust plate and supporting (Welded Q235 constructional steel), oil cylinder and supporting(Welded Q235 constructional steel), Main frame: welded steel
Oil cylinder systemFunction: to provide filter press with pre-pressing pressure and ensure it can guarantee sealing performance at rated squeezing pressure
Makeup: oil cylinder, piston, piston rod, sealing.
Oil cylinder body: 27 silicon-manganese alloy seamless steel pipe
Piston: cast; Piston rod: Quenched and tempered 45# steel with chrome
Membrane squeezing systemFunction: after filtration, the rubber membrane is inflated by air to 2nd squeezing of filter cake.
Material: FRPP+ PP elastomer
Squeezing pressure ≤1.0MPa  temperature: 80℃
Handle: wear-resisting FRPP, the handle is together with briquette
Filter plateFunction: to install filtering medium and ensure filter press can filter normally work at rated pressure.
Material:FRPP , white
Working(filtering/ blowing) pressure: ≤0.6MPa; temperature: 80℃
Handles: wear-resisting FRPP, the handle is together with briquette
Feeding : central feeding; discharge: close discharge and cake washable
Auto shifting systemFunction: to ensure that shift plate one by one
Makeup: hydraulic motor, driving system. Initiative and passivity chains, chains, chain racks, shifter, shifter chain
Material of rail: SS 304
Hydraulic systemFunction: to provide pressing power and ensure oil cylinder open/close and manipulator normally work
Makeup: oil tank, oil pump system, manifold block, hydraulic valves, oil pipes, pressure displayer and driving system.
Max oil pressure:30 MPa; Rated pressure: 25MPa
Electrical control systemFunction: to ensure filter press. oil cylinder, hydraulic system and squeezing system normally and orderly work
Makeup: main electrical components are from Schnieder,
Filter clothModel: PP-7  Function: solid-liquid separation
Max tolerable temperature is above 80℃
Material: polypropylene fiber
Cloth washing systemFunction: The cloth washing system, automatically clean filter cloth,makes filtering more efficient and reduces labor.
Water washing motor power: 1.1KW
PLC control systemEquipped with touch screen, Control the filter press and valves, pumps and other accessories, To achieve full automatic control, easy and safe to operate.
Automatic drip trayTurn plate motor power: 0.55KW
The Material of the panel: SS304
Higher supporter and cake chuteHigher supporter: Height:1320mm
Cake chute:The material in contact with the product is stainless steel.
Belt conveyorUsing belt conveyor The belt conveyor belt reducer is placed on the side
Belt materialTongueVC , Size (L*W):5075*500 mm
Automatic vibrationFunction: Vibration, the assistance of discharging filter cake device, is applied in discharging high viscosity, heavy density litter cake.
With vibration, the filter cake could drop off more easily.
The conductivity meterDisplay: large-screen LCD display
Measuring range: 100 µS to 100 000 µS
■Resolution: 0.001 μS / cm, 0.1 ° C;
■Electrode constant: electrode K = 0.01, K = 0.1, K = 1.0, K = 10
■Temperature range: automatic 0 ~ 90 ℃, manual 0 ~ 90 ℃, 25 ℃ conversion; Accuracy: ± 0.5% FS, ± 0.3 ℃
■Current isolation output: 4 ~ 20 mA (load <750 Ω); Alarm relay: AC220V, 3A, alarm signal isolation output
■Protection class: IP65;
■ working conditions: ambient temperature 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 90 ℅
■ Power-down save:> 10 years;
■ Weight, size: 0.8kg, 96 × 96 × 100 mm; opening size: 92x92mm;
■ secondary table installation: hole type;
Electrode Installation: Flow / sink / flange / pipe type
VI.Filter cloth  parameters
Item No.MaterialFabric TextureWeight
(mm)±2%Rupture Strength
F(N/5*20cm)Elongation at Break(%)Air Permeability
(L/㎡  S)±25%
Warp±5%Across Warp±5%
Warp±2%Across Warp±2%WarpAcross Warp
Belt Conveyor
Higher supporter and cake chute
Hydraulic Station
Details of hydraulic station
Jiande Factory
Tonglu Factorycheap Environmental Protection Field Filter Press

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  Fluidized Bed Collision Type Jet Mill suppliers
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:34 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

◆ Our Factory
Haicheng jinlun mining machinery Co., Ltd. is located in hongguang industrial park, haizhou district, haicheng city, Liaoning province. Founded in the early 1980s, the company is a set of non-metallic mineral powder equipment research and development, production, sales in one of the mechanical manufacturing enterprises, and we have a number of engineers and technical patents. The company covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, registered capital of 5 million yuan. It has close technical cooperation relations with 601 institutes of shenyang aviation industry corporation of China and liaoning university of science and technology.
Over the years, the company adhere to the “Quality-oriented, integrity first” management idea, based on the actual powder machinery development, continuously aiming fine, superfine powder production technology front, bold innovation, developed with international leading level of the raymond machine , vertical mill, airflow crusher, vortex air classifier, crusher and other products. Products are sold throughout the country, and exported to Russia and other countries.
◆ Our History
Our company was founded in the early 1980s, named as haicheng mining machinery factory. In 1998, the company was renamed as haicheng Haicheng jinlun mining machinery Co., Ltd. and moved to hongguang industrial park in 2002.
The first 4R Raymond machine was produced in 1987. 1992 produced the first 5R Raymond machine. Jinlun 6R Raymond machine was independently developed in 1998. 1999 achieved export 0 breakthrough, export 5R Raymond machine. In 2005, we developed our own ultrafine ramon machine. Developed LSM900 vertical mill in 2009. Type 1150 vertical mill was produced in 2010. The first vertical pulverizer was exported in 2016.
◆ Product Application
Our products are widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries. Our machines can meet the different needs of customers, and according to the actual production of customers, design and manufacture of all kinds of special-shaped practical mining equipment.Fluidized Bed Collision Type Jet Mill suppliers

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  Crystal Ball Pen factory
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:32 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

We are a company of intergrating industry and trade. We have our own factory .
Our factory is specialized in makeup and stationery.
“Jingyi”brand is specialized in stationery : Wooden pencil , Plastic pencil, Eraser , Pen, Notebook, Sticker, Scratch picture , Crayon, watercolors and also calendar for children’s and office. We have nearly 25 profuction lines of pencils .
And "KASEEY" are our professional brand ,engaged in makeup, pigments, fan face color stationery and toy glue, educational DIY toys, plastic products and packaging . In a few short years we are quickly opened the international market, more than 90% of the products exported to Europe, the "composition force (Jingyi )and (KASEEY)brand also in the development of the good public praise and reputation.
At present, the company has a workshop of over 20000 square meters with 50-80 employees, and sets up several workshops and departments. We have dust-free workroom, disinfection room and new workshop also.
We can pass EN report and REASH, BSCI and so on.            Crystal Ball Pen factory

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  Paper Mill Conveyors
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:31 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

Chain conveyor
First, use: mainly used to transport a variety of loose, bundled pulp board and waste paper and other materials.
Second, the main technical parameters
Chain width (mm)12001400160018002000
Feeding capacity (m3/h)60-22080-25595-300110-345140-390
Conveying raw materialsWaste paper, pulp board
Material maximum(mm)  10001200140016001800
Motor Power(kw)5.57.5111518.5Paper Mill Conveyors

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  Metal Tool Bits Material M2 Flat Bar suppliers
Geschrieben von: xiao4xiao - 14.05.2019, 03:29 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

About us
Dalian Jingtai Industry Trade Co.,Ltd (DLDT), we are Chinese company that has been in business of high speed steel manufacturing more than 16 years, our principal goal is to maintain the personal attention to our clients so we produce strictly according to national and internal standard to make sure the exact products that customer needs. We have advanced machinery and processing technique, introduced Austria Precision Forging Equipment to make sure the capability of HSS producing 1400 tons per Month, Non-Vacuum furnace+LF+ESR smelting technology to reach High precision and high performance.
DLDT mainly grades of High speed steel material products are M2, M35, M42, T1, T4, and we can do smelting customized assay as customers special requirements. Material is widely used in cutting tools, drill bits, milling cutters, tool bits, saw blades and also in military field. Our aim is to provide the reliable products to our customers and create the lasting relationship through our top quality, pricing and service.
We open another plant in 2014 for researching and developing HSS saws blades region, finally we have a great achievements after 4 years dedicated research working, and get identification from our customers. we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially Mexico, Sweden, U.S.A. and Japan etc. Hot sale saws type are bi-metal saw blades, including reciprocating saw blades, band saw blades, hole saw. we are growing rapidly in the wood and metal cutting saws.
Welcome customers, business associations and friends from the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.Metal Tool Bits Material M2 Flat Bar suppliers

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  Shenzhen Jingbang Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd
Geschrieben von: cyylyy1 - 21.04.2019, 07:01 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

Shenzhen Jingbang Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd. was established 10 years ago. The main products: 3D printer parts,CNC plates(such as :v slot linear rail,slot v wheel,Customized CNC plates ,Aluminum spacer etc )with standard fasteners (such as the screws, bolts, nuts, washers and so on), non-standard fasteners, CNC machining parts, stamping parts, lathe parts, etc. The standard can be according to GB, DIN, ANSI, JIS, ISO, EN, JB, NFE and UNI standards.Jingbang have helped customers to design many new products and save cost. Product development can offer many business opportunities to customers. After so many years' development, now we have many different kinds of patented products.

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  Für Ani: ToDo
Geschrieben von: Franzi - 27.06.2017, 23:12 - Forum: Brainstorming - Keine Antworten

  • Regeln
  • Storyline
  • Hintergrundinfos (Orte, Bücher, wie läuft alles ab usw.)
  • Name für Board
  • Steckbrief
  • Charakterarea oder alles über Profil ausgeben?
  • Plotsplanung
  • Listen
  • Technik - was wird gebraucht?
  • Design
  • Canons

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